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Full Stack Developer


We are looking for a highly skilled computer programmer who is comfortable with both front and back end programming. Full Stack Developers are responsible for developing and designing front end web architecture, ensuring the responsiveness of applications, and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties.

Full Stack Developers will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organisational skills and attention to detail.

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💻   Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Working 5 days a week, 8 hours per day

// Application Question, If you can read this code, please send your answer, you could probably get a job interview.

var hk;
var reverse = function(s) {
return s.split(“”).reverse().join(“”);

var hkers = {
str1: “hk”,
str2: reverse(“gnihsahi”),
str3: “.”,
request: function(preference) {
return preference+”secret word:”+this.str2+this.str3+this.str1;


・Degree in Computer Science, IT or related
Strong organisational and project management skills
・ Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
・ Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS and React
・ Proficiency with server-side languages such as ・ Python, Java, PHP, and .Net
・ Familiarity with database technology such as MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB
・ Excellent verbal communication skills.
・ Good problem-solving skills
・ Attention to detail

Company provides advanced training on AI tools ( such as OpenAI ChatGPT, Dalle etc. )


・ Developing front end website architecture
・ Designing user interactions on web pages
・ Developing back-end website applications
・ Creating servers and databases for functionality
・ Ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones
・ Ensuring responsiveness of applications
・ Working alongside graphic designers for web design features
・ Seeing through a project from conception to finished product
・ Designing and developing APIs
・ Meeting both technical and consumer needs
・ Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages


・ $22500-$28500 per month,
・ 25 days annual leaves,
・ Year-end long vacation,
・ Sharing dividend,
・ Double pay,
・ Attractive commission,
・ Performance bonus,
・ Mahjong, karaoke bar & music facility, and
・ WFH mode

Digital Marketing Executive


Join us on our mission to revolutionise how companies grow their brand online. We are currently seeking passionate marketers who want to leave their mark by joining us as digital marketing executives ! In this role ,you will be part of dynamic teams building innovative solutions driving growth . The job requires hands-on execution of tactical and creative initiatives while measurably contributing to revenue generation across channels.

You will have autonomy for idea creation ,ownership of cross functional collaboration ,and development of meaningful performance reporting. If you thrive under pressure and enjoy brainstorming innovative ideas that drive results, apply today and shape the future of digital marketing with us !

💻   Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Working 5 days a week, 8 hours per day


・ Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, or related field
・ Google Analytics and AdWords certifications are advantageous
・ Proven experience working as a Digital Marketer
・ Sound knowledge of OPENAI, lead generation, digital marketing tools, social media platforms, and SEO best practices
・ The ability to analyse large amounts of data
・ Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
・ Outstanding organisational and time management skills
・ Excellent project management skills
・ Effective communication skills
・ Exceptional customer service skills

Company provides advanced training on AI tools ( such as OpenAI ChatGPT, Dalle, etc. )


・ Determining the most suitable business models for start-up businesses
・ Developing suitable digital marketing strategies based on clients' business models
・ Evaluating brands' target customers to identify the social media channels that would provide the best opportunities for customer engagement
・ Calculating clients' return on ad spend (ROAS) and comparing it against industry averages
・ Evaluating clients' marketing budgets and allocating spending on various marketing needs accordingly
・ Assisting clients in launching new websites and apps
・ Assessing clients' current digital marketing strategies and suggesting improvements accordingly
・ Performing SEO audits to identify various issues impacting clients’ search engine performance
-Identifying new opportunities to encourage customer engagement


・ $18500 - $22500 per month
・ 25 days annual leaves
・ Year-end long vacation
・ Sharing dividend
・ Double pay
 ãƒ»Attractive commission
・ Performance bonus
・ Mahjong, karaoke bar & music facility
・ WFH mode

Business Development


我們專注於提供創新的中小企區塊鏈教育和 Web3 解決方案。我們正在尋找一名有熱情、具有豐富商務發展經驗的商務發展專員加入我們的團隊。

💻   æ˜ŸæœŸä¸€è‡³äº”: 上午10時至下午6時及星期六 (有需要時)
每週工作5天, 每天工作8小時



・ 具有至少2年的商務發展經驗,特別是在科技領域
熟悉 WEB3 和區塊鏈技術及其在不同行業的應用
・ 具有良好溝通和表達能力,能有效地與客戶交流
・ 具備良好嘅業務拓展能力同市場分析能力
・ 有良好的團隊合作精神,能與其他部門協作

公司提供OpenAI ChatGPT, Dalle等AI工具進階培訓


・ 通過業務拓展、市場分析和競爭情報收集,為公司發展新的商業機會
・ 與客戶建立長期關係,並協助客戶解決技術和商務上的問題
・ 與技術團隊合作,為客戶提供專業的解決方案建議
・ 與銷售團隊協作,提供技術支援和協助談判價格
・ 參與商務拓展和市場推廣活動,為公司品牌建立知名度


・ 每月$18,500 - $22,500 加佣金
・ 25日大假
・ 中西新年悠長假期
・ 有分紅制度
・ 有雙糧
・ 有佣分
・ 有獎金
・ Office有K有痳雀有bar枱可以話係亮點,
・ 有WFH

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